casino gamblingEvery person in the whole world is crazy for something. Some are crazy for new gadgets some are for clothing, cars etc. Everyone have different choices and different things which provides them happiness. I am the person who loves to competition and wants to compete with everyone and win from them. I want competition that will in the playground or online. For the crazy persons like me online pokies casinos are the best option to have some fun while sitting on my sofa in my drawing room. Gambling is the thing which creates enthusiasm in me and gives the feeling of righteousness. Here I want to share my first experience of cash crazy machines. This is just like a lottery for both experienced and new players. I had a very exotic first experience with it.

At that time when I played it for the first time it was new in the market and I was also a newbie to it. At that time I was continuously searching for some new challenge all over the place and on different websites. In that search one day I found a new game. This was not so popular at that time. So, I decided to try it. Before playing it for the first time I wanted to grab all information regarding it. I read the reviews given by the users. After that I watched a video of it on YouTube. After getting all the facts and formulas of it I started playing it. I created my profile there and got free points without any deposits. That was a 3 reel with 1 pay line where you can bet with two coins at a single time. The theme and graphics of it was very alluring and catchy. I started my chance by playing with the free coins on the stake. These free coins I got at the time of sign up. I hit the spin after making my first bet. And as expected I lost it. But my moral was not gone down because I was not lost the real cash. I learned a lot from these bonuses and after I got every required thing I applied for the premium account. And from that day I am the regular player there. I want to suggest to every new player to try cash crazy for one time in whole career.