Luck Koi is an intuitive and engaging game developed with Japanese aesthetics. It was made and developed by the gaming legends, microgaming. The Koi are known to be precious and expensive materials which can be sold at high prices to make people get a lot of money and wealth. Besides the interesting nature and story of the game, it also comes with clarity sound and vivid graphics to make you enjoy every spin you make. If you would like to have some fun as you experience the game in details, you can check into the noble casinos and enjoy your time.

How to Play Luck Koi

Would you like to know how to spin so as to win a lot of cash prizes? You can click on this button for you to know how to play the game and utilize its features and symbols to make winnings. You can keep your auto play mode to make the game play even when you feel tired and it will generate earnings just like normal. Three identical symbols must come together in a row for you to win except when you have a wild symbol or a scatter.

Understanding Symbols and Signs of the Game

To raise or to lower the bet denomination, you need to press < and >. At times people want to alter the coins wagered per line. To do that, you need to respectively press Coins < and >. The first signs is to lower while second sign is to raise the coins. Lucky Koi is a slot of game of 25 pay lines but you can decide how many lines you would like to play. To do that simple press Lines < and > and you will get to choose the number of pay lines you would like to play on. Bet < and > is meant to make you change bet sizes to remain with what you are comfortable at. The other option is the spin option where when you press it, you utilize all bets that you have selected.  Learn to use these and you will find the game a thrilling one. There is no need to keep practicing, simple master the symbols and you will be a pro.

Make Use of Wild Symbols and Bonus

In Luck Koi, stone Lantern is the scatter symbol and when it occurs, it rewards payouts even if you do not have a winning combination. Besides being a scatter symbol, three or more stone lantern awards you free spins which range from 10 to 30 free spins. A random multiplier will also be added as a bonus to make your winnings inflate.

As a way of increasing your rewards and enjoyment, Lucky Koi comes with a bamboo fishing pole. You will be given the pole to fish three to six Koi and every Koi you catch, you will be given bonuses and prizes.

More Game Details

The Lucky Koi Logo is known to be the wild symbol and once it occurs on your reels, you will win payouts even if your symbols don’t match. It can substitute for any symbol you need for you to complete your winning combination. Its scatter produces winnings if it occurs across your reels so you can expect winnings if you see it. More scatters will trigger the bonus choice option where you can select bamboo fishing rode or free spins. Free spins can range from 10 to 30 and you can also use the rode to fish and catch a wonderful fish that will spit a lot of koi before it disappears to the water. When you choose free spins, you will also be given a 5x multiplier to inflate your winnings.

An Intuitive Slot Game Full of Action

Besides its attractive graphics, the game comes with a lot of engaging features. For example, as you wait to make a winning combination, the wild symbol comes from nowhere and makes you to substitute to win. Think of the scatter that will explode winnings and yield multiple bonuses to keep you amused and win big. It is truly a compelling game that will keep you happy and entertained as you win a lot. The more fun unfolds where you have a bamboo fishing rod and you need to fish koi fish. They will spit the coins and make your pay lines yield more rewards than you expected. Just try your best to catch the best Koi that will yield more rewarding features than before. You can be sure to enjoy the Lucky Koi slot game.


It is an interactive game meant to make you play while you enjoy. The Japanese themes and beautiful garden like features will make you to enjoy excellent time playing the game. It is really one of a kind and you will enjoy if you play after understanding the symbols of betting. Luck Koi has wonderful graphics and sound clarity to make you enjoy.