Online Casino Reviews


Online Casino Reviews

We provide valuable information about online casinos in New Zealand. All of these online casinos will accept New Zealand currency. They have a toll free number that is in operation 24 hours a day for player support and to answer any questions. There are a number of games that can be played on Android devices and there are also some games for the iPhone. A person can play pokie for free or they can play for real money, but before, that it is better to read online casino reviews because it helps you to make a big win and exciting gifts.

Our Goal

There are some things that we want to help players in New Zealand with information on the best online casinos for pokie games . We want to :

  • Provide clear objective and reviews of online casinos that are open to players in New Zealand.
  • Ensure that the reviews will show what sites are trusted and reputable.
  • Review online casinos that allow players to access them from their desktop or mobile devices.
  • Insure that the rules of the games are transparent and easy to understand
  • Ensure we offer a variety of play options and that cashing out is easy
  • Provide information about casinos that have 24 hour customer service

How we Rate the Online Casinos

Safety and Background Checks on the Company

Online Casino GamesWe think safety and security is very important for an online casino review. We research the certifications the casino holds and look for trusted sites such as eCongra. We then look at the software that they use. We look for reliable developers such as Netent or Microgaming. Our reviewers test out the site with 128 bit SSL encryption which is the strongest available. If the casino is able to pass these security checks we will continue on with the review.

Add Funds and Customer Support

Our experts take a look at how easy it is to add funds to the players account and how to get bonuses at the casino. They deposit real money and check out the bonus options. The review is based on how easy the process it and if they accept popular methods such as Mastercard, Neteller, and Paypal. The experts will also contact the customer support and review the methods to reach them, the response time, and how helpful the casino was. If the expert got quick review that was helpful the casino will get a high score.

Games and Cashing Out

Once there is money in the account the experts will play the games. They will look at all the different games including slot machines, live dealer, video poker, roulette, blackjack ,baccarat, keno, and other table games. They will also check and see how well these games work with smartphones and tablets. The remaining balance is then withdrawn from the account to see how easy , hard, and fast the cash out process is.

Short listing a Casino

Online Casino ReviewsOnce the team has tired the casino they will divide them into groups if they liked their procedures or not. This is a group decision. If the casino should be shortlisted this will be discussed as well as their rankings. If the site did not live up to expectations or if they pose a risk to the players they will be blacklisted. Only sites that are trustworthy are recommended to players. Online casinos are continued to be reviewed often to make sure their information is up to date and they still offer a quality experience to players. The casinos that have received the top rating include 888 Casino, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betway, Sky Vegas, and a couple of others.

Promotions and Bonuses

One of the first thing a player looks for in online casinos are bonuses or promotions. Pay attention to the amounts and percentages as well as the play requirements that it takes to get a bonus. There are some that are worth looking into. If you are new to online casinos we suggest looking for a casino that offers a no deposit bonus until you are comfortable enough to play for real money.


There are a number of different software providers that develop online games for casinos. Each provider has their own take and are looking to bring casino to the next level. It takes some time to identify what games come from which provider. Once you find the games that you like the most you can always go to the page and find other games by the same developers. There are many casinos that offer Las Vegas style games including software providers such as Bally, IGT, and WMS. Some other quality software providers include NeEnt, NextGen, RTG, and NextGen Gaming.

Top 10 Online Casino Reviews

There are thousands of different casinos online. The professionals have spent a lot of time reviewing them. The Best Casino List has information such as gaming regulations, licensing, bonuses, security, and customer support. By reading the reviews you can find the best casino for your needs.
Casinos are separated into different categories so you can find exactly what you need.

Five Things to Look For in an Online Casino Review

Variety of Games

For those that like variety it is important to look at all the different games the casino offers.Online Mobile Casino Games


Casinos are licensed to operate in all different markets. If you are new to online casinos this may be a surprised. Europe allows most casinos to operate legally but online gambling is not legal in the United States and if so it is highly regulated.

Signup Bonus

Many casinos offer incentives for new members. Do not sign up unless they offer you something good.

Supported Payment Options

If you are playing for real money you will need to deposit money into a player’s account. You should see if the payment method you want to use is supported by this casino.

Reputation to Pay

Payouts are very important. You do not want to spend your money and get ripped off in the end.


Online casinos have been around for a decade and there are now hundreds to choose from. Not all of these sites are high quality so you need to research the casino before depositing your money. We created this page to help you find a reputable online casino. Watch this video for more information:


Free Australian Online Slot Machines Game With No Deposit Bonus & To Play With Real Money

online slot machineWhen I was in Cape Town, I received a call from my one of my best buddy; it was his birthday so he invited me there. He arranged a birthday party and all of old friends were coming there and he also told me about the theme party. In the evening I went to the party venue, the decoration was very good and attractive. I purchased a birthday cake for him as a present. There I saw a man who was making tattoos so I went there and made a tattoo on my biceps.

He also arranged some slot games there. And I am big fan of these ones. There I found a new game which was the crazy chameleons. When my friend played that one he won some cash so he suggested me to play it. But I did not know about much of this game. So first I found some online videos related to that one on youtube and also found some reviews of this. After that I stared playing and I got some interest in it. In starting I lost some money but after some time when I got to know all the tips and strategies about that then I played for jackpot. I love to play poker machine and the best gaming website to play Australian online pokies which is totally safe and secure, if you go with the real money. After playing with free spins if you want more than you can purchase via paypal.

slot machine

Basically crazy chameleons are a most popular 20 payline five reel video slot machine. In which they offers the five thousand coins for the jackpot round. I really enjoyed that game and also suggest to all users to play it. The best thing about this the cute graphics with a goofy theme attracts users very much. Or you can also find some online pokies gaming websites where you can play it without going anywhere. I think it is the best option for those gamers who like to play at home with all comforts. So in the last I would say it is the best game which you can play and win it.


Best Online Slot Machine Games With Bonus

slot machineIn this article I want to tell you about the experience and happenings with me when I played Chiefs Fortune slot machines for the first time. I was the person who loves online gambling. I was attracted into this alluring world in my younger age. I am continuously playing these from my school time. My friends were also supporter of it so sometimes we enjoyed together on a single table. We won lots of cash and used it for our enjoyment in our school and college time. One day due to some circumstances my friend was not able to come online for playing.

On that day I was not able to go to the college and all of my friends were in college so I was alone in my house. I was feeling bored in the noon time. So, I opened my mobile and opened the application of casino which I had already downloaded in my mobile phone. On that day I have to play alone because none of my friend was there with whom I can compete with. So, I started searching for the game which I can play alone.

When I was in process of searching for a new one at that time a pop up window appeared on my screen which was of Chiefs Fortune. I thought that why not to try this for the first time. I clicked on it and started getting some information about it. When I reached on that page I found that it was very much similar to the other one which I previously played. Or I can say it was simple from the other ones which I played. I found that there was not any need for me to read its rules and regulations because they were similar to the traditional ones. It had least number of pay lines and reels but it was not least in any of the other sort. The theme of it was based on the villages and will give you feeling of the old time of cowboys. I played 2-3 chances there because I was not able to play more. But the chances I played were full of joy. Next day I discussed it with my friends and they also tried it. Now it is my friend of alone times.

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Casino Gambling World Of Poker Machines And Slots

poker machine Cherry the fruit we love in our food. We love them in our ice creams, softies and in many desserts while eating. Their taste is delicious and out of the world. But for young age girls and women’s it is the best color used for the purpose of makeup. But this is not used only in the food and make up materials. Every casino lover knows it in a different way because in the pokies online gambling industry there is a game which is known as Cherry Red. It is a slot machine which is very much popular in this industry. My first face off with it was planned by my best friend.

One day I and my friend were sitting in my house. We were discussing about the happening of his recent trip to Australia. He was telling me about the experience he got there. He was explaining about their spot visits there and also showing the images which he clicked. In this sequence he told me that he also had an amazing experience with the casinos. It was new for me because I never played any such thing. I asked him for explaining more about it. He told me that instead of verbally explaining it I will show you how to play it.

poker machine

He took out his mobile phone and opened an application on it which he had already downloaded. At that time he opened the game of Cherry Red. He told all important things related to it. He narrated all important information to me which includes the playing rules and the information related to winning bonuses. He already had a premium account on it. Instead of using the paid account he preferred to use the free account because he was explaining it to me. He forced me to try it on my own. After grabbing all these information I started playing it. On that day I was not playing for keeping win or loss in my mind but the only motive is entertainment. This was fulfilled as I was playing it. After playing on my friends mobile I downloaded it on my cell phone also. And now I regularly visit their as I got some free time.


Win And Get Exciting Offers And Prizes

casino gamblingEvery person in the whole world is crazy for something. Some are crazy for new gadgets some are for clothing, cars etc. Everyone have different choices and different things which provides them happiness. I am the person who loves to competition and wants to compete with everyone and win from them. I want competition that will in the playground or online. For the crazy persons like me online pokies casinos are the best option to have some fun while sitting on my sofa in my drawing room. Gambling is the thing which creates enthusiasm in me and gives the feeling of righteousness. Here I want to share my first experience of cash crazy machines. This is just like a lottery for both experienced and new players. I had a very exotic first experience with it.

At that time when I played it for the first time it was new in the market and I was also a newbie to it. At that time I was continuously searching for some new challenge all over the place and on different websites. In that search one day I found a new game. This was not so popular at that time. So, I decided to try it. Before playing it for the first time I wanted to grab all information regarding it. I read the reviews given by the users. After that I watched a video of it on YouTube. After getting all the facts and formulas of it I started playing it. I created my profile there and got free points without any deposits. That was a 3 reel with 1 pay line where you can bet with two coins at a single time. The theme and graphics of it was very alluring and catchy. I started my chance by playing with the free coins on the stake. These free coins I got at the time of sign up. I hit the spin after making my first bet. And as expected I lost it. But my moral was not gone down because I was not lost the real cash. I learned a lot from these bonuses and after I got every required thing I applied for the premium account. And from that day I am the regular player there. I want to suggest to every new player to try cash crazy for one time in whole career.


The Real Fun of Online Casino Gambling

In this I want to share my first experience with a super duper and amazing game of Cash Splash. I was playing in online casinos since last 8 years. I became fan of these from the first time it was introduced to me. As I am a native citizen of Australia, I am very much familiar to online gambling. In my country it is so much popular that peoples from different countries come here to try these. This is in his schedule by the tour operators. I grow up in this atmosphere so when I played it for the first time it was not new for me. I experienced it for the first time when I was in 9th grade in my school time. I watched my father playing it so I asked my father regarding it. He explained it to me but not fully.

So, when I went to the school next day. I started searching for it on my iPhone. My friend knew more than me so I discussed with him. And after that I became fan of it. So, that was my first experience with online pokies gambling industry. Here I want to discuss with you first experience with Cash Splash. So, one sunny day I was checking my Facebook wall for some new updates. There I saw a link which was shared one of my friends. He played any new thing so he shared that on his wall. I clicked on that link and started exploring it. As I also love these so there was not any problem for me while checking it. That was very exciting and full of fun. You can also predict it as slot machine or as the video slot. I downloaded the application on my cell phone and wanted to try it. I login on that application and started playing it. When I tried it appeared very amazing to me. So, I subscribed for the premium version of it. I made lots of money by playing in the jackpot chances. As it was the progressive slot so the jackpot amount increases according to the chances we lost. I played it and one time I was not able to win that large amount. But I won small amount of money in the continuous gaps. I referred this to many friends of mine. They also enjoyed it. Sometimes we played together and enjoyed a lot with it.

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